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Email is not the place to share it in detail but I thought it may provide you with some extra satisfaction today to hear that I have had a truly wonderful week to date. It really feels like Anita and I have "been there" for each other in a way that I cannot remember.

As you know, it is not difficult to bring tears to my eyes. However, my eyes were glassy all day on Tuesday with joy about the way Anita and I worked through some difficult challenges Monday evening and talked some about our own dreams. We have not discussed our shared dreams yet (homework) but we have clearly turned a corner in listening to and looking out for one another's dreams and endeavors.

Every week will not be like this one. I understand that. However, the joy I have felt about the potential for a truly different future is wonderful.

I can't thank you enough for helping us reclaim and express the caring, compassion and tenderness we share between us.

Josh - Couples Coaching
We have seen Elaine as a couple for both marriage counseling and parenting counseling off and on for the past several years. On the marriage front, we married late in life, are both very independent and have often butted heads as a result. Elaine has been an incredible resource for us in actively facilitating an increase in trust, open communication and shared responsibility for making changes to improve our relationship. She demonstrates a remarkable combination of empathy, insight, enthusiasm, caring and action-orientation that we both give much of the credit for how much closer we now are. We would and have recommended Elaine to many others. On the parenting front, we have two adopted kids ages 11 and 9. Elaine has been a great sounding board for our challenges, our successes and our stumbles. Her stories of similar challenges with her own children have been very comforting. Our relationships with our kids seem to be stronger than ever now, and we are again thankful for Elaine's caring and wisdom. She even made a crucial referral to a child therapy specialist for helping our 11-year old son with some of his issues, and he is now thriving as a result. We would be happy to take calls as verbal referrals for Elaine's approach and style, if any prospective counselees want to call us. Elaine will provide our phone number, if so. Thanks much for all you've done and continue to do, Elaine!

Jacquie & Steve, Chicago, IL
Elaine and I have been working together for a little over 3 years and I have learned a lot about myself though our sessions. Not only does Elaine help me identify the root of my anxiety but helps me come up with ways to handle any any issues that arise. I feel much more armed with solutions to anxious feelings and how to reframe it into productive activity. Thank you Elaine for you help and I look forward to continuing on with our work.

Sally, Age 26, Chicago, IL
I came to Elaine after trying 3 different therapists when my mother passed away. I was way too young to lose my mother – 28 years old and she was only 54. My mom was my best friend, we would talk 10 times a day and with out her I felt lost and depressed. It was difficult for me to interact with other people or want to leave the house I was extremely depressed. I see Elaine every single week and she has helped me tremendously get through this difficult time. She is very kind, thoughtful and an excellent listener. She has helped me with my panic attacks and tactics with getting to sleep. Her office is a safe place to let down my guard and truly feel my emotions. It has been almost 7 months since I have lost my mother and without Elaine I don’t know where I would be today.

E.W., Chicago, IL
I began to see Elaine shortly after my parents separated. I had begun to have anxiety/panic attacks and was highly opposed to being put on medication. Therapy with Elaine proved to be a holistic and healing experience, although hard work, Elaine pushed me in all the right ways, and was able to have insights to my issues before I did, allowing her to empower me to work through my "stuff."

For the last 5+ years I have seen Elaine on and off and she has proven to be a consistent and grounding force in my movement towards a balanced and healthy life. We began working with family issues and the issues that seemed to be the presenting problem for me at the time of my first visit, however, through the years she has helped me work on myself in the big picture, not just what my initial problems were.

I would, and have, recommended Elaine to many peers, coworkers and family members. As I am now studying psychology myself, I can say with full confidence that Elaine has therapy skills, natural abilities and insights, that are hard to learn and are a testament to how great she is as a therapist.

Female, age 26, Colorado
From the on set of divorce, and the sudden collision of emotional upheaval, that echoed through out my family, clearly a therapist was a necessary step, not an elective.

Luckily a friend of mine gave me an excellent recommendation, Elaine Rosenblatt. Elaine was especially helpful in identifying and separating each individual’s feelings and thoughts. She was able to break through barriers, in which, I could see my children and myself unknowingly putting up. At this time in my life as a parent I did not know how to stop the distress we were all going through. I could see the sessions with Elaine gave all of us a passage way through or bridge like atmosphere to filter and identify thoughts and feelings.

By identifying certain feelings, giving them words, with the guidance of Elaine, I was able to separate the overflow of uncontrollable emotions. The next step of the process I could think and respond intellectually about what was going on and not always at a highly emotional level.

The key to rebuilding my life and starting a new one for me and my kids, developed only with the communication, the insight and understanding of Elaine’s caring professional guidance.

I was able to take advantage of that emotional upheaval and used it as a source of energy to do some positive things. Outlets, that help get me through and tough situations. Like taking up tennis, walking 3 - 6 miles a day, taking classes, fun and educational. Bettering myself, when I hadn't the time before. Making new friends and keeping the old by doing other creative activities.

Female, age 50, Winnetka, IL
After seeing Elaine I have learned to manage my relationship with my mother who suffers from bipolar disorder. I have also learned that I am a strong young woman who is capable of achieving anything I put my mind to. After receiving therapy, I am finally able to view the world in a positive way and be happy with who I am.

Fiona; Age 25, Female, IL
avatarElaine Bowl

This bowl represents my life and the transformations that I have made and continue to make since Elaine has touched my life.

The black design on the inside of the bowl is me entering this room, filled with my confusion of my past and the fear of my uncertain future

The fingers on the opposite side Represent Elaine…listening to me, asking me, guiding me through her pointed questions, not letting me hide behind my fear, helping me to be totally HONEST. Giving me strength, inner courage and hope!!

The shiny terra cotta in-between that overflows to the outside of the bowl, is me emerging out to today and my future. Everyday feeling more self-confident, authentic and truly HAPPY!!

Thank You

Vivian, IL