Couples Coaching

How to bridge the gap into a more intimate relationship

What is a couple’s coach?

Couples’ coaching is a structured, time limited program designed to teach couples effective ways of communicating without blame,how to appreciate one another’s differences and work through issues of conflict in order to reach a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

With the help of Elaine as your relationship coach you will gain the hands on experience, tools and confidence necessary to achieve a healthier, deeper and satisfying relationship with your partner.


How does couples’ coaching work?

Couples coaching works for several reasons:

  • Couples coaching works for several reasons:
  • The relationship between the ​C​ouples ​C​oach and client creates momentum, trust and enthusiasm.
  • ​G​oals set in a safe environment​ can be clear and effective.​
  • The client​s​ develop new skills, which lead​​ to great​er​ success and autonomy ​within the relationship.​
  • A couple’s coach provides structure​, support​ and focus.
  • A couple’s coach is an objective, positive support person.

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