Individual, Couple and Family

Individual Therapy: When a person makes a decision to seek out professional help, that’s when change and healing begins. Psychotherapy can offer new solutions to old problems that you may be struggling with and will help you to resolve issues before they become major obstacles in your life. Individual therapy will help provide insight, clarity and give you tools to deal with unresolved challenges and issues necessary to achieve a renewed sense of harmony and well-being.

Couple Therapy: During the life of a relationship, most couples will be faced with many challenges. In order for the relationship to flourish, an understanding of oneself and learning healthy techniques of communication can redirect a relationship and break negative old patterns.

Family Therapy: Understanding family dynamics, the roles of each family member and how they affect one another is vital in creating healthy family relationships. When communication and expectations break down with even one person within a family, all are affected. Remarriage and blended families face unique challenges for parents, step-parents and their children as they learn how to create new relationships with one another.

Issues that may arise include:

  • the loss of a loved one
  • mood disorders (depression, anger management, bipolar disorder or a loved one’s depression).
  • anxiety disorders
  • eating disorders
  • self esteem issues
  • family dynamics
  • physical and emotional and sexual abuse (from past or present relationships)
  • intimacy issues (personal and couples)
  • *divorce (for those contemplating, in the process of, or struggling with post divorce issues)

*Addressing only legal issues regarding a divorce can leave emotional scars that last a lifetime. Conflict resolution will be introduced as a means of resolving issues concerning the decision to divorce, custody, visitation and co- parenting. The emotional aspects of this life transition will be outlined to help understand and cope with divorce. Therapy can bring clarity, acceptance and strength during one of the most painful and difficult times in a person’s life. If divorce is immanent, addressing unresolved issues in therapy will help to prepare for the legal process, which can considerably help lower legal fees. Appropriate referrals will be made for legal and financial counsel.

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